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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clear Play

Thanks to the information from my sister Noelie, we a have a DVD player in the house. We have a ClearPlay. It is so nice to be able to put in a movie and know that it will be filtered. There are so many shows we have enjoyed but either the Language (the biggest offender), sexual content, or violence would just be too much. Granted there are some movies if you filtered everything you might as well not watch the movie. If I am going to watch a movie that is based on war and fighting you have to have the violence it will be there, it is the nature of the story. Still to know that I can put in a Harry Potter Movie (I can say that because Collin just tested it), and know that the language is gone! I can do a dance of joy.
Thank-you clear play, for coming up with a solution to the desires of many people to be able to enjoy a movie without the content they don't want to watch. It does not damage the disc, we don't have to use the filter if we don't want to, or adjust for the level of filtering desired.
The Hollywood guru's have had the ability to do this for years, that was the whole push for DVD's to begin with, that they could put different editions of the movie on the disc. We would be able to have access to the "airplane" versions of movies. But alas, they insist that we should be forced to watch what they deem their artistic right. I have not gone to many movies because I refuse to fall into that trap. Now the ability is in my hands to determine what I watch and hear in my own home.
There is power in that ability. My children and I will no longer be slates for them to fill with any word, sexual activity, or violence, just because the directors, producers, and writers think it should be there!
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