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Monday, June 18, 2007

A wonderful, busy weekend

The most significant thing for this past weekend was the Michael and I celebrated our 19th anniversary yesterday. We were married June 17, 1988 and have had a wonderful marriage. I can honestly say I married the most perfect man for me. He loves me unconditionally and puts up with my temperament.
He surprised me with a night at the Anniversary Inn on South Temple in SLC Friday night. He reserved a room there a few months ago and kept it secret from me as to what he had planned.
The room we stayed was the secret garden.
I think it was one of the most romantic things he has ever planned for us. He has always dreamed of taking a cruise but our budget just did not seem to allow for something like that. This was a wonderful getaway. Natasha was wonderful to take work off and stay home with the girls so we would not have to worry about the little ones.

Saturday when we got back our house was steaming hot. The swamp cooler has not been working well for a couple of years, but this year is has been worse. I finally convinced Michael to see what we could do to get it working. He replace both the belt and the filter! We now have cool air once again. Can you tell I am jumping up and down with joy!

Yesterday was also fathers day, so we went to Provo to visit my parents, Noelie, he sons that are in town, her daughter-in-law, and Noah, Aunt Delene and Cindilou. We had a very nice time, particularly the entertainment, as we watched Noah, Kendra and Abbie play and run around outside. It was also nice to see Noelie's daughter and Collin play with them and keep them safe.
We were often laughing as we watched them play ring around the rosie by themselves. They would grab hands Say "Ring" and them fall down. Sometimes it looked like they were helping each other fall down. That is when it is so fun to watch little ones play together.

Yes it was a wonderful weekend.

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