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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Woman to Woman: "Share an important quote and what it means to you."

I Love You
Not Only for what you are,
But what I am
When I am With You.

I Love you for drawing out
Into the light my beauty
That no one else had looked
Quite far enough to find
I love You

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I have this quote above the entry to our third level. It is a large doodle art poster that my husband and I colored over the first 2 years or so of our marriage. I found it one day out looking and it expressed exactly how I felt about my Michael. I have always felt fat, awkward and strange. I never really felt I had much to give to others on a one to one basis. Maybe that is one reason why I became a nurse, I hoped I could make a difference to someone. Then I met Michael, I had to wait for him to figure out what he wanted in life, but when he decided it was me, it was with all his heart. I never, ever felt that he thought I was not good enough for him. Now my not feeling like I was good enough was one thing, but his love for me I knew was there. I never doubted that he found me beautiful even if I am extremely obese. He loved me in a way no one else had ever, ever care to tell me, let alone show me.

He makes me feel as if I am as precious as every sunrise and sunset. I feel as rare as the diamond on my finger.
He was the one that cared to look past my insecurities and self doubt to find the woman that I can and the woman that I am. A woman that makes a difference in his life, and the life of our children today. A woman that has so much to gave and to share, even in my weakest moments of life.

Even after 19 years of marriage, I feel that I can say this poem to him and mean every bit of it, because he truly has done this for me.

I always thought this poem was written by Robert Browning in response to her poem "How Do I Love Thee", but in looking it up on the web, I found it credited to a man named Roy Croft, and to Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Since I always thought it belonged to the Brownings, I give them the credit. I tried to look up Roy Croft on Wikipedia with no luck at all. So who knows. I will let my imagination take the choice and give it to the pair I believed to have inspired the words. I can't think of a couple outside of my family that I would love to emulate more.

Here is to being loved, not just love but fiercely, passionately, with all the tenderness and feeling that can be between husband and wife. That is why I love this poem. It helps me remember that I am a woman, not just any woman, but one that is loved and cared for deeply.

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