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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Woman to Woman: "Having the latest baby everything"

Having the latest baby thing means something differently to me now than what it did 17 years ago. First off, when Natasha was born we were "poor" students. Not that poor because I was an RN and working, but Michael was going to school to earn his Masters degree, and what money I brought home was tight for the most part. My salary depended on my working and in a small hospital it was not unusual to loose shifts.
Then I had a little baby that did not show much interest in things, so we bought stuff to try to get her interested.
Still I did not think we needed to have everything!
We borrowed the crib, in fact we are still using it for Abbie! I don't believe in changing tables, as a nurse they are so dangerous that I never have wanted one. The floor is good enough. We have used hand me down dressers, and what ever else we could use. I never had a bouncer for Natasha and Collin, never used a swing, (in my experience as a nurse they did not work until I used a cradle swing) walkers were out, as were many expensive toys.
We were the same with Collin. I know I spoiled my kids rotten, but I really tried not to.
It is a tough trying to live like that when other kids have motorized cars.

Now we have two little ones and it has been a bit different. They have lots of toys but these two actually play with their toys. I have not felt the need to buy too much for either one of them. Yes I look and dream, but I don't need the expensive stuff because the cheep stuff is good enough. The most expensive toy they have is a playschool doll house. They love to play with balls, blocks, cups, dolls, you name it! I have so much fun with books with them. I don't feel the need to get all the other stuff. Yes, this time around we bought a swing(cradle of course and Abbie loved it), a bouncer, I had a boppy pillow but I would have got one whether I was nursing or not. The first time I saw one years ago I had wished they had come out when I was bottle feeding the other two.

I also have a different problem, in the age of a 17 year old. When she turned 16 she expected the stuff her friends were getting, Big birthday bashes, a car, you name it.
Nope, no car sorry dear, you can borrow ours! We did give her a birthday party but I scaled it way down, and still paid much more that I would have liked.

I will also be a mean mom, my kids will never, ever have a trampoline! It is one of the highest causes of accidents and broken bones. It doesn't matter if it is an above ground or inground, one child on the thing or many. They are too risky and I won't have them. They are not to be on them at others homes either, but I am sure they break that rule! :)

So all of you with keeping up with baby things, trust me it is harder to say no to a 16 year old. Practice doing it now when they are little!
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