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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tuberculosis Scare

I have been thinking about this man that has created a "Tuberculosis scare" across the country and the world. When I first heard the story, I have to admit, I thought "what idiot" would actual travel with tuberculosis, when it is such a serious disease. Then I actually stopped to think for awhile. Not about the man, or his thoughts or actions, but about the society we live in today.

We live in a time when most communicable diseases are controlled with immunizations. Thanks to that the serious threats of small pox, polio, German Measles, and diphtheria are just memories of our parents and grandparents. Why should Tuberculosis be seen as any different by those of us that have never seen what these diseases can do to a body, and to communities.

Now we live in a time where parents refuse to give their children vaccines because they fear the side effects of the treatment more than they fear the illness itself. If we could see what devastation these life threatening, debilitating conditions cause, maybe more us would take it seriously. We would not have a man that hears "we would rather you not travel" as a reason to be able travel. That he did not completely understand how serious TB can be, not just for himself but anyone that he can come in contact with. Can I really blame him when there are others out there making the same kind of choices on a daily basis.

We live in a society that expects quick fixes, when some things are not that way. We are also so quick to panic over "little" things when there are other more dangerous things, that effect a wider range of people. Some how the medical field needs to do a better job of education all of us about the risks and choices people make. Not just with immunizations but in taking antibiotics, and other medications.

We have to understand that every choice has a consequence, and sometimes those consequences can effect the lives of others around us. Not just family, but the stranger we may pass on the street, the clerk in the store that shakes our hands, or the baby we hold to help a friend.

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