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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sheep's Clothing- Book review

I was asked by LDS Author Josi S. Kilpack if I would read and review her latest novel Sheep's Clothing. I have done so, and posted the review on Tigersue's Bookshelf.
I am so impressed by this work that I feel I need to mention it here. If yo don't not go read my review you need to read the book! It is that important. If anyone here has children, has teenagers, or what to know more about the dangers of Internet predators this book will fill you in.
It is worth the time and effort to read. If you can't buy it, borrow it from a library, a friend, just get your hands on it and read it. I feel it is that important. I gave the book 4 bookmarks out of 5. That is because I am very careful with my 5 bookmark rating. There are only a handful of books that will get it.
I will say, that I admire anyone that can write a novel. Trying to write a short piece of fiction is enough for me, to imagine researching and pulling a novel together, it makes me shudder!
Thanks Josi for asking me to do this. I really enjoyed it.

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