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Sunday, June 03, 2007


My Birthday was yesterday. Michael and I spent most of the day together, and Natasha and Collin were sweet enough to watch the little ones so we could go on a date.
Natasha started the day by giving me a cute plastic purple piggy bank she caught at school. Yes I mean Caught. I guess they were throwing out prizes and she caught it and knew she had to give it to me. :)

Michael and I went to dinner at Tucano's a pricey but yummy Brazilian buffet. We also went shopping for some clothes. I have needed some knew things for awhile. I keep getting bigger instead of loosing weight after Abbie's birthday. I have been very discouraged at my own lack of motivation to do something about this problem. Still we found some good bargains at C.J. Banks. I found 3 pairs of pants for less that $5. They were originally around 30 to 45 so I can tell you I was excited to find that. We also bought a couple of shirts for bargain prices as well. I also got a skirt and shirt to match to wear to church. We spent about $85 dollars for the whole thing, with the skirt and shirt taking up the bulk of the money.

We had strawberry pie at my parents. Talk about yummy. I am not a huge fan of strawberry pie, but my mom makes a good one. Michael is the one that absolutely loves strawberry pie, so he was one happy camper.

I also got two new games for my DS system, cooking momma and drillers.

Still I think the best part of the day was spending time with my husband and my children. That makes it all worthwhile.
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