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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AFI top 100 movies

I have to say I love movies. I don't watch many of them, but I love them just the same. I got watching the AFI top 100 movies tonight, and with the first movie, I just about dropped my jaw. Not that I don't think it deserves to be on the list, oh contraire, but it should have been much higher.
Come on, really Ben Hur is 100! Toy Story is greater at 99? I don't think so, and I love, love Toy Story. Singing in the Rain was in the top 10, does it deserve to be higher than the Sound of Music? Is it really better than Ben Hur? Most of the movies I have not seen so I really can not comment on the list as a whole. I just know, I would never place Ben Hur below Star Wars, (As much as I love Star Wars), or Toy Story, or Singing in the Rain, or Rocky, or.... Oh I think you get the picture.
I guess that is why I am not a film maker. I will never get Citizen Kane, I will never ever watch The Godfather, what little I see is more than enough for me. So I guess my top 100 films will never, ever have most of the movies on their lists! So much for entertainment. :)

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