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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Virtual Reality

Yesterday was a very nice Memorial Day at our home. My husband spent time working in the garden, I did what my energy allowed in the house, and we got things ready for a dinner with family. He made ribs and a cobbler in dutch ovens, I cooked a potato dish in a crock pot, and we had a spinach salad. I also cooked up some mushrooms to go with it all. YUMM.

My parents, Aunt, and two sisters came over. Snobaybe brought her new Wii system that she happened to find at the right moment. We had fun playing bowling, tennis, golf, and boxing. Talk about an experience trying to figure out something your brain is already trying to say you know how to do! (Except in my case Golf. I gave my sister and husband a good laugh as I was trying to hit a ball through some trees! Talk about wanting to yell "FOUR")
It really is an experience to play games with real action, being part of it, not sure controlling a game pad. Fun, Fun, Fun!
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