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Friday, May 18, 2007

Freeway Protests

There has been tremendous growth in my area over that past several years. Lehi is no longer the sleepy little town it used to be in years gone by. Not only has Lehi grown by leaps and bounds but there are communities to the west that are growing just as fast, if not faster.
Part of the growing pains has been Lehi Main street being the only road that connects to those western communities. Lehi and UDOT, as well as Eaglemountain and Saratoga Springs have been trying to figure out how to alleviate the congestion on main street. There are several options, but most have a plan to place a main artery right in the Middle of Lehi, separating much of the community from the rest of it. (No this does not bother me. Perhaps living in larger towns I accept that as a possibility and it really is not a big deal.)

I was approached last week by some neighbors in my ward to protest a planned freeway build right by us. Frankly, I don't know what to think. I feel sorry for the homes that will be affected by the eminent domain laws, ours could be impacted since we live so close to the interstate and the proposed interchange. What I hated from the flyer was the scare tactics, the half truths, and no real option. Their choice is to put the interchange at the point of the mountain, but have they considered why that is not as favorable. Ravines to build over, Camp Williams, and the closeness to the prison? It is not as easy as they would like others to think it would be.
They try to insist that the building of the interchange and artery to connect to Redwood Road would decrease the change of mass transit to be built. I don't think so, we need both in the county to deal with the road issues. After all people from the western communities would still have to drive to the rail stop points. Not everyone can use the rails and bus systems. As much as I like them, sometimes and I would dare say for the vast majority of people they are not a convenient way to commute to work.
Impact on home prices is to be expected, but hey, I don't live in the richest area of Lehi, and home prices have skyrocketed in the past years!
I can not be that selfish I suppose, or am I just that ignorant. I would love to know the facts without the scare tactics. All the communities need to get together to figure this out. I can't blame it on Lehi, like others would want, nor can I blame it on the other communities. After all can't we blame it on UDOT for not planning when they saw the growth years ago. Then again, to the rest of the state, Lehi is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to priority.

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