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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Harry Potter Theories

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Harry Potter expert. I love the books, I love the movies, I question and think about the future of the next book, but not to excess. :)
Last night as I was trying to go to sleep I began thinking about some of the ideas that others have suggested in the outcome of the last book in the series, what follows are some of the ideas I have, and what I think. This is in no way to say that I think JK Rowling's should do something different than she has done, only how I feel. In general, I have found if I have strong feelings about an issue the author usual does not let me down, either in choosing the outcome, or if different, than letting me accept that choice as reasonable and the only way something could be done.

1. That Harry is one of Voldemort's Horocruxes. I am not convinced of this. That is not to say Harry is not a Horocrux, but I tend to think it is someone else. It is important the Harry has Lily's eyes, she has said that in interviews, so what if the Power of Lily's protection was a her Horocrux put on Harry, not Voldemort on Harry? That could explain the triumph in Dumbledores eyes at the end of book 4.

2. She has mentioned that the question she has wished someone would have asked and never has was, "Why did Dumbledore have Jame's invisibility cloak. I have a theory though it could easily be way off....
What if Snape has heard about the threat to James and Lily and went to warn them. Voldemort shows up and they hide Snape behind to cloak. Snape then brings word to Dumbledore of the attack and death's of James and Lily giving him the cloak as proof of their protection. This could have been what makes Dumbledore trust Snape completely.

3. Someone who has not shown the ability for magic will show it in this last book. She has stated it is not Filtch. My theory is it will be Petunia, or Dudley.

For now that is all I can think of right off, if I come up with anything more I will mention it.
Let me know what you think!

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