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Monday, March 26, 2007

An update on the family.

I realize I have not given a family update in sometime. So here we go with a bit of family news.

Michael gave a presentation at a conference for mental health professionals in the state. He worked very hard on it and had some good feedback on the presentation.
He is still working as hard as always.

Natasha is now off of her crutches and walking around on her boot. She is very happy to have both hands free and to be able to drive the car again. :) She participated with her orchestra at regions competition and they received superior rating and will be able to go to state. They have played some very tough music and have really stretched their capabilities this year. She is also going to state Solo and Ensemble competition in a few weeks.

Collin is working hard to achieve his Eagle Scout award. He has three required left and then his project. He should be able to finish it this summer if he works hard at them all. He of course is always having fun, but he is also maturing into a very sweet young man.

Kendra is as busy as usual. I have had a hard time getting her to go happily to nursery the past few weeks. We aren't sure what that is all about when she has absolutely loved going in the past. She can count to 10, is learning her colors, and can recognize the Letter "A" for Abbie's name, and "K" for Kendra. She loves to sing and enjoys books.

Abbie is also moving around so well, loves to chatter and is slowly adding words to her vocabulary. There are many words she used to say that she doesn't say anymore, but all of my children have done that. She is my most cautious of all my children, and is so hesitant around anyone other than her immediate family it is almost funny. She is a sweet little thing, and likes to play, and likes to look at books, on her own terms of course. She is 17 months old, and we are on the count down for when she goes into nursery. I often feel guilty because my calling has kept me from taking care of her during the bulk of the meeting schedule. Her daddy has had all the pressure of trying to keep her happy. For the most part that is okay, but since he is in the Elders Quorum presidency I really worry about him being able to fulfill his calling. Maybe I worry too much because the calling of a parent is the most important calling there is.

So anyway that is the update on the family.

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