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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Melinda Doolittle

Noelie had this post about Melinda Doolittle on her blog a few days ago. Not being a person that watches American Idol I had to trust my sister that she knows what she is talking about. After all Noelie has a lovely voice and understands the power it can have as well as the talent it can take to sing wonderfully and use it at its full potential.

I was flipping through the channels last night, bored not interested in anything and I stumble onto the end of American Idol. They were talking about the singer coming up and I thought, well I might as well see if it is the girl Noelie was talking about. Sure enough it was Melinda Doolittle and I can say I was impressed. She is an amazing alto and has such power and strength in her singing. She isn't just some fluke out there, this is a girl that has had some voice training for sure. I could see it in how she would breath, how she would hold her diaphragm and lungs. This lady has potential to go a long way.

Then to hear the comments from the three judges of the show. It is not often I have heard Simon say anything nice about contestants. He is someone I listen to carefully and to hear him compliment her and her ability to take an essentially boring song and turn it into something special was pretty amazing. This is a man that holds compliments and praise tightly to the chest.

I figure this is a lady to keep your eye on.

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