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Thursday, March 01, 2007

No funeral to attend

We are very grateful today to not have to be attending a funeral of a friend. We just found out last night that he had been in a plane crash over the weekend over Lake Powell and had to swim a mile to shore in 44 degree water, and then spent the night in the freezing temperature before rescue the next morning. If you heard about this crash it is because one of his companions was a famous US wrestler, the other was his brother. We had heard about the crash on the news but they never stated the brothers names or we would have heard about it much sooner.

It is a miracle that they all survived. Our friend did suffer from frostbite on his feet, but he was to work Monday morning. It is humbling to once again be reminded of the fragility of life but also the determination of human nature to survive. We are very grateful that our friend survived to come home to his wife and family. He has been a great example of generosity to us and I'm sure he has more good works to do in this life.

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