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Friday, March 30, 2007

Ladies Against Feminism

I came across this site a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would post about it here. I have not read much on the site but browsing through it I think I agree with most of the articles on face value. There are perhaps a few that I do not completely fall in line with but I can not comment because I have not read them all to find what that exact view point would be. I will just say that I think I will agree with them more than I would the women on the View.

I love the name Ladies Against Feminism. I think it describes it perfectly. Just the word Lady brings to mind elegance and grace, something I think feminism detracts from in many ways. Most feminists I see strike me as wanting to be something else. It is hard for me describe what I see, but when I look at the women of The View, Senator Clinton, and the only women in High office on the democratic side, I see a harshness in their eyes and in their faces. I don't see the grace of a Lady. When I look at Secretary of State Rice, I see a gentleness in her countenance. She should be an icon for the feminist and African American movements. After all she is Single, Talented, Extremely bright, strong, self reliant, and in a position of power, but I do not see her put up as such an example by the feminist movement, because she is not a liberal. I find that interesting.

I am what I am, a lady, and a woman with standards that are far reaching. If you are interested in checking out the site, go here.
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