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Friday, March 02, 2007

A Hoot of an email exchange

I had to post this email I recieved last night, and my replies. I have deleted any obvious information! :)

I found myself in a rather unique situation. I was not sure if I had registered at familysearch.org so I types in the username and password I use for just about everything and it came up your account. The tricky part is I am not sure if I changed your password or not because it had asked me to enter it twice or if by some coinsidence you use the same username and password as I do. I am sorry if I have and here is what it was changed to...

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Tanya Sue Thompson

Do you go by Sue or Tanya? The reason I used Tanya Sue is because Sue is the nickname my Father gave me for years! I will have to tell him I actually met a Tanya Sue, they have always said that they should have given me Sue as a middle name. I actually love my middle name.

Anyway I change my password to what I normally use. Good luck in registering. I double checked because I had actually registered twice, the first time I didn't know I could register as a member and by then I couldn't put in my member registration.

Good luck,

That is too funny. I have been going by Sue since moving to Washington 7 years ago. I just got tired of people mispronouncing my name and used the move as a clean break. I too got my name from my dad only Sue is my actual middle name.

I will admit this whole family history thing is very new to me. I never really had the geneology bug and therefore do not know the first place to start. However I just got called as a family history specialist and am in the process of learning as quickly as I can.

Thanks for understanding about the mix up,
Sue Thompson

Talk about a small, small world.

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