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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Artificial Beauty

(A Picture of Kendra after she tried putting on Natasha's mascara.)

Last night Collin, Michael and I were visiting in our living room. Natasha had come home from school with information on cosmetology school, and Michael was looking at a business card from one of the students. Collin asked what cosmetology was as Michael explained that it had to do with hair make up and doing nails. Collin then states, "oh you mean Artificial Beauty". This of course made Michael and I laugh, before I could even say anything his Dad piped in and said, "Collin that kind of thing will get you in big trouble". I jokingly asked "if that is what it was when I went to get a haircut?" My son, in his 13 year old wisdom said, of course not Mom.

I have been thinking, what is artificial beauty? Is it really the make-up I use to hide and tone down my red cheeks, or the eye shadow I use to bring out my eyes? When I look in the mirror and gaze at my face, I see my eyes that I think are my best feature, dark blue with a bit of green around the pupils, long eyelashes that have thinned out over the years, and eye brows that Noelie once called "Brooke Shields" eye brows. My nose is straight and small, my next best feature. I have a round face, and a square chin, neither I am fond of, being obese the roundness is only exaggerated by my weight. I have thick hair with a lot of natural body and a small amount of natural waves. Over all I have a nice face, not overly beautiful, but not hard to look at I personally think. I always thought my sisters were more beautiful than I. I really did not mind that so much because they like my nose. :)

So if I use a bit of something to help me feel better, is that artificial beauty? I don't think so. I think artificial beauty is something that makes us appear something we are not. It is designed to hide from the world the ugliness we might have inside our souls. Outward beauty can only disguise the inner self for so long. I'm not sure if I am explaining this right, but when I see a beautiful woman, or a handsome man spout foul language out of their mouth their real self is exposed to the whole world. When materialism overtakes the compassion and charity that I should have that is when I have artificial beauty. Artificial beauty is what the world sees and judges us by, our natural beauty is what our creator sees, and designed us all to become.

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