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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Trolley Square shooter

I am sure many people have heard about the terrorism at Trolley Square. I call it what it is, it doesn't matter to me if the perpetrator was a Muslim or not, what he did was an act of terrorism pure and simple.

I have read a few comments that imply that "Muslim" terrorists only use bombs, but that is not necessarily the case. Even if religion had nothing to do with it, and this is another case of severe mental illness, he had to have gone there knowing he would not make it out alive. After all when you load up a back back full of ammunition and carry two weapons and have more ammunition in a fanny pack, you have got to know that you are going to die. The whole goal is to take as many people with you as possible.

There have been other incidents in the past that are similar and non of the individuals were Muslim.

Of course there is going to be speculation about his Muslim beliefs, I think it is worthy to be discussed, after all history has shown us that extreme Muslims care not for other people. I have seen some comments that say, well he didn't target Jews, sorry but these extreme Muslims want AMERICANS dead, they don't care one iota if the person they kill are Jewish, American, Muslim, or atheist. When they walk into a building to blow themselves up, or march in shooting at who ever they see, race, ethnicity, and religion is not a factor, only that the person they are aiming at will bleed and die.

When it comes to these kinds of crimes, all that is desired is mass murder. We have seen that with High School Shootings, we see that in Iraq, and we see in Israel. We have seen it in London and Spain.

All I know is that the people that kill just to kill, are not thinking about the children left with out parents, or parents that loose a child. They are not thinking about the lives that are destroyed, at least they are not thinking about it in an act of charity. It is evil, cruel, and meant to scare and torment society. It is meant to cause grief and sorrow. Last of all it is meant to cause fear in the lives of everyone present and witnessing the events.

I am so grateful for the men and women that put their lives on their lives for us. For officer Hammond and his quick thinking to save further lives at the peril of his own. I'm grateful for the officers that came to the aid of those in trouble. I am grateful for our men and women serving this country, whether it is in our armed services, or as a civil servant. They deserve our praise, not our disdain that is often showered up their heads, from political leaders to citizens that have no comprehension of what they risk for us on a daily basis. They are the hero's I want my children to look to. I admit it that I am an chicken. I don't have the courage to do what they do. I am glad that there are people that have the passion to serve in this way.

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