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Sunday, February 18, 2007

She looks like her dad, but does she really have to follow in his footsteps?

This weekend end has been fairly eventful. Natasha went to youth conference. Michael in the mean time felt like he needed to see his grandmother and with concideration we decided the best time for him to go was Saturday. I chose not to go as I really hate traveling with the little girls and a one day trip is not very fun for either of them. So Michael packed up some snacks and he and Collin left early in the morning. I stayed home planning a quiet day with the girls. I even concidered going to visit my parents but decided against it.

Natasha came home about 2 pm needing help into the house. She crashed sleding and broke her foot. Poor kid. I tried calling Michael and with the second try I finally managed to get him and let him know that I thought Natasha broke her ankle. She couldn't put any weight on it and it looked very mishapen to me. More so than wheh he broke his.

He came home after a long drive and helped her into the van to get her to the clinic before it closed at 8 pm. It was confirmed that she broke her foot. She got it splinted and he brought her home before going to get her pain prescription filled.

Today the Dr. at the clinic called and wanted to see her again to redo the splint. He was concerned with how he wrapped it and wanted to redo it. She is to stay off of it and we get her into see an orthopedic surgeon hopefully on tuesday to see if she can manage with just a cast or if she will need surgery. Either way she is very concerned about missing too much school work and falling behind in her classes.

She is hanging in there and hopefully will recover quickly.

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