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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Exponent II: Radical Mormon Feminist Manifesto

Exponent II: Radical Mormon Feminist Manifesto

I felt I needed to post the explanation as to why I took Exponent II off of the Calling All LDS Women blog roll. I figured I would do it here, because if anyone cared they would look here.

In defense the blog roll is mine to run and I have really tried to not throw my personal bias into keeping sites that I don't agree with off of the list. I wanted it to be a place for all kinds of views as long as it promoted faith and support of our ordained leaders. Many times I have questioned that in some of the sites I have viewed but this is the first time I could actually say I saw something in a post that was contrary to the teachings of the prophets.

I feel there is room for discussion of many issues even if I don't agree with those issues but I draw the line with this post. I personally believe it has gone to far.

I will highlight here some of the problems that I have in their rough manifesto. There were many statements that I had some issue with, but the following steps were what caused me the greatest amount of problem.

1) Call couples to serve in bishoprics together. Allow women to interview and hear the confessions of other women.

They would love to take both parents out of the home to serve in a Calling with the pressure a Bishop carries. They are forgetting that the biggest role of a Bishop is to be a judge in Zion. As in my previous post not all Bishops are perfect, but I believe the vast majority have their hearts in the right places. I personally would not want to serve in a bishopric with my spouse. On the other hand I have seen every wife of a bishop to grow in support of their husbands and all in service with the ward. Although she has no authority in judgment she becomes a standard that all look toward. I think the pressures on a bishops wife must be just as great as that of the Bishop himself.This statement is not one that caused me great concern. I have seen such before.

2) Jettison boy scouts and create the same youth programs for girls and boys.

Okay, I kind of agree with this one. My husband knows that I have never been a great fan of the scouting program, at least the involvement that we have in the church with a secular program. I think there is a great inequality between the young men's program and the Young women's program, in the long run I think the YW have the better end of the deal.
One other note that has eased my concerns about the scouting program, I read once that many of the men that lived through WWI and WWII contribute their success to the training they received as scouts. It is because of this that I support the scout program as far as what it can teach my son. I just wish the girls would have the same kind of training, 3 days of camp does not cut it.

3) Drop the "preside" language about marriage. Focus on co-equal partnerships.

I want my husband to preside. In the home he represents God and he presides. That doesn't mean I'm a nobody, I just want him to have the responsibility to lead the family.

4) Make priesthood ordinations optional and/or given as a young person desires it--sort of like a patriarchal blessing. Allow both girls and boys the same opportunities for ordination.

I do not think ordinations should be as a desired basis, but I do think it should be worthy based. If a young man is worthy they are usually desirous for the ordination.
Mentoring with other priesthood members is a good way to manage this. I have seen it work for the benefit of many.
At this point I don't foresee the priesthood being offered to women. That doesn't mean I would not accept it if it was offered through the proper channels and authority, I just don't feel the need for at this time.
I'm not sure I'm ready for the responsibility it would entail. (Example being a Bishop)

5) Let women learn their husbands' new names at the temple veil.

I once wondered about this but it doesn't bother me. I figure I will let God tell me when My spouse can reveal this to me. Until then I expect he will keep it as sacred as he covenanted to. It is a non issue for me.

6) Allow same-sex couples to be sealed in the temple, even when local laws don't allow legal marriage.

I think this is the statement that caused me the most difficulty. This is so contradictory to our teachings and beliefs and what I honestly think Satan wants to do, destroy the sanctity of eternal marriage.
The proclamation to the World on the family is so clear about marriage and our roles and gifts that I could believe that this was there. I'm not even sure I can articulate how I felt when I read that notion.
I can understand the need to be compassionate, and I can understand why civil marriage is so desired when there are many social issues that are granted to those that are married. They are not talking about those issues but telling God that he should grant marriage to same sex couples. They are trying to tell God that his commandments are wrong, and that he is wrong. I felt my whole hear sink at that moment.

7) Let women plan and speak at their own RS Conferences w/no men involved.

If we are to believe Joseph Smith than the RS is organized under the direction of the priesthood. They are there standing is as a representative of God. I think back to attending the last General RS meeting and how marvelous it was to see President Hinckly walk in. That is how it should be. Would we turn our back on the Saviour if he should want to attend our meetings? That is what we are doing when we wish to not have the priesthood present.

8) Allow women to preside over official meetings, such as sacrament meeting

To me this is a tad redundant with #1. IF they have their way than this would be a given.

9) Turn the focus from bishops making the callings to self-callings - let both men and women volunteer and seek out roles they are interested in (even if men want to be in primary or women want to be in leadership)

Does this mean I would still be doing music all of the time. Although I would love to do more things, and often wonder if callings are really inspired, I have had personal experience knowing a call I did not want was indeed the one I was to take. If given this option I would never be there. Who would staff the nursery, as this is the hardest calling to fill?

I have heard countless stories of people being in awe of the position of responsibility, if we seek after a calling do we learn the humility of an assignment not desired? Do we truly learn to share our talents, or learn to let go when there is a time for release. What happens to the statement
"Who God Quantifies, God will Qualify?"

Perhaps it seems a bit trite in my course of action. Honestly I am bothered by where this could lead. I don't want to be responsible for sending someone to a site that could lead to their questioning their role in the church, their role as mother, their role as wife, and their divine role as a woman. I would hate to be the cause of someone starting to have ideas that would lead to their questioning God's chosen leaders and their divine authority to act in his name.
Maybe I'm wrong in this action, and Maybe the Snarker will get me on it. Still I have to follow my heart and prompting of the Spirit.
I don't question the faith, or testimony of the women involved with this Manifesto. I don't know them. What I do know is how I felt when I read this post. If I am in error I'm sure I will be inspired to know it.

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