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Monday, February 12, 2007

An Example of Pure Love

This weekend Michael and I had the opportunity of enjoying the company of one of his best friends accompanied by a woman this man has met online.
His Friend has just suffered through a divorce and is trying to get on with life, and is seeking friendship and companionship. In retrospect I realized this man has a love for his ex-wife that amazed me, or I should say I so much appreciate. Granted he is still grieving over the loss of that part of his life, but not once did he say anything critical of her. He explained things as well as he could, including her point of view as he saw it, even if not completely understanding it. I honestly think that is one of the greatest examples of the gift of Christ Like love, when he could be so critical, so angry, and so hurt, and yes so worried about the future choices his children could make, he has seemed to avoid that common pitfall in many relationships, that he will still show as much respect for the mother of his children as he can.

Bravo to you my friend. I know you won't read this because you don't have the link to the site, but I had to write about it anyway. I respect you for the dignity you showed us.

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