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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

FHE this week

We have had some good times this past week or so as a family. Saturday we made gingerbread cookies. Natasha was so good at cutting and decorating, it was fun to watch her enthusiasm in the project.
Sunday Natasha and I played a duet in church, Still, still, still, she on the viola, I on my clarinet. It went very well and we had many compliments on the piece of music. I had sat down and written a clarinet part to go with the viola from the piano part. I think it really added to the spirit of the piece.

Then Sunday, I finished making the gingerbread cookies, we found a disc of dough in the fridge that we forgot about. The kids decorated them while Michael and I finished supper preparations.

After dinner we sat down and had FHE. Michael and I read "Christmas Oranges", and then we discussed principles of the gospel that we could learn from the story. The kids and Michael talked about service, love, sharing, and friendship. I then talked about the principles of tithes and offerings. We discussed how our church donations help others in different capacities. We discussed the different rolls of tithing, Fast offerings, Mission funds, Humanitarian aid, and the perpetual education fund. We discussed how Fast Offering helps people we know in the ward that need help. I think the children really felt the spirit in how what little we give, when combined with the little from others can make several oranges to share.

Then yesterday we went to look at Christmas lights. We drove to Pleasant Grove to see a house that Téa told us about. The lights were computerized to music and it was fun to watch for about 20 minutes. On our way home we found another house close to our home that had done the same thing, but theirs only did about 3 or 4 songs. It was a very enjoyable evening.

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