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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Work and The Glory III

Michael and I went to see The Work and The Glory III today. I think it was my least favorite of the three. Not that the story isn't touching, it just felt rushed. Out of the three movies the first was the best, it stayed with the book for the most part and managed to give you a feel for the characters and their motivations. This seemed to get lost by this film. There is very little time with character development, some key characters are not present, and even with the historical perspectives, there is not enough of thought processes and eventual consequences that are not shown. It was if the screen writers could not figure out how to get the characters into that actual story line.
Caroline's daughter Oliva is completely missing, and she is such an important character in Joshua's eventual development I can't imagine how they will fix that if they continue making films. That is perhaps the largest mistake made in the movie. They don't show Melissa and how her marriage struggles around the choice of religion.
I missed Joseph Smith's intervention with the end of the story in reuniting family and healing pain. I will say the best scene in the movie is when Nathan returns to speak with Joshua. That was the one moment that both actors where into their parts and their characters, feeling all the depth of sorrow, repentance and forgiveness.
If you like the other movies see it, just don't expect more from it that what it is. It is unfortunate because the movie is not even 90 minutes long, so they could have extended it, made it less rushed, and developed the story just a bit more. It only could have benefitted it in the long run.

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