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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Will John Kerry make an apology? I don't think so, he is a democrat, they don't need to! Yeah right.

So this latest comment of John Kerry's really was a bit insensitive, Yah think? Excuse me we already know that you despise the military, even if you are a veteran of the armed forces you have absolutely no respect for the hard working men and women that serve this country. You need to apologize now, to all of them, not just those in Iraq. These men and women are not stupid! They are brave, and for the most part honorable in their service. You have no right to belittle their intelligence. Just because most of them would rather serve with President Bush rather than you, and you so "eloquently" showed why.
I have known many people that have had military careers;
A nephew, his wife, a brother-in law, two of my husbands best friends, one of my best friends, several people in my ward, many doctors and some nurses, they are by no means stupid.
I can not help but think if this had been a republican all heck would be let loose and the liberals would be calling for resignations, and would be hounding the offender until their reputation and effectiveness in politics are destroyed.
Come on John Kerry, do what is right and decent and apologize today.

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