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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Negative Advertising

Hey Tigersue, I hope you don't mind me posting this here too, but I know you have a lot of people from around the state that read your blog, so I just wanted to get this info out to as many people around here as possible and hopefully will spread the word to others as well, even if they aren't buying a car at this time...

Just a quick note out there to anybody in Utah that reads this blog, and is considering buying a car within the State..... Stay away from National Auto Plaza located in sandy. They are liars, cheats, and just plain have CRAPPY customer service. They ensured that anybody that knows me will know NEVER to buy a car there. I personally wasn't the purchaser of the car, but I was along for the ride. They even treated me like garbage. They acted fine until after the car was purchased then they were absolutely unwilling to work with us. They have a seven day exchange policy, we took the car up to be fixed and the wouldn't be able to look at it for a couple of days leaving only 1 day to decide to exchange or not, depending on if they could fix the car, or if he just wanted to buy a cheaper car. They insulted my intelligence while looking at another car to exchange the purchased car with, telling me the car we were looking at was worth what they were asking for it when the car had clearly been in an accident and there was no repair work done to it. He had the nerve to ask me how long I had been driving a car, excuse me I'm not stupid I think I know what a car that has been in an accident looks like. I checked their website, and the price on this car is almost a 1000 dollars LESS than what the lowest they would be willing to go was, and that's the starting price! It was all about them "we, we, we... us, us, us" it was a far cry from being about the customer. Expecting the customer to bow down to their insider super high junk blue book costs, when ahem, the customer can as a consumer check blue book online and it's significantly lower. They say they have a 120 point inspection, yet most of the cars on the lot have 2 or more tires that won't pass safety, and all of the other cars we drove to look at exchanging the other car with had problems... inspection I don't think they even looked at them, maybe vaccuumed them out and washed the outside a bit then stuck a for sale sticker in the car. To top it off the financing guy said we had to have GAP insurance in order for the bank to set up the loan, blatant lie! Also that we would have Wells Fargo, at 9.99 or higher interest... but later found out the loan wasn't processed and they didn't know who would be financing the loan. Then to top it off after all the hubbub, they made us wait in the customer lounge for an hour and a half while they conveniently forgot they were supposed to be checking if they could get the car into the shop to look at it. With everything else we couldn't get anybody to tell us the owner's name, so that we could write him a letter. So Better Business will be hearing from us for sure!

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