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Monday, November 27, 2006

A life award

Collin received his Life Scout badge last night. He is a very happy boy to say the least. Right now his goal is to finish his Eagle before he turns 14 next September. It will be a challenge for him, but I know he can do it! He has all the required ones left to finish, I'm going to try to start helping him with Family Life. That one will be tough for him because it is hard for him to keep track of things on a daily basis. So I guess I will have to be more active in that one. I also need to sit down and print off all the worksheets so we have those around to help him with completing them. I hope I am up to the task. I have not been a huge fan of the scouting program, but I want to help Collin with a goal that he has made for himself.

Yesterday I spent all day sewing badges on a blanket I had given Collin for Christmas Last year, and merit badges on his sash. In the process Michael pulled out all his scout badges and I realize I should get him a blanket and put the badges on his blanket. He also found a couple of merit badges that he had never placed on his sash so I sewed those on as well. I could say I spent roughly 6 hours sewing. It was rewarding because we all sat together as a family visiting and having a good time. That is what family time is about. The TV was off, and it was the focus on the company around us, with the glow of the Christmas tree lights, and music in the background. All in all it was a very nice Sabbath Day.

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