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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I have to do some bragging today!

I have put this off for several days, but my children need to know how pleased I am with what they are doing.
Natasha, our cute, growing up young lady, came home from her swim meet so excited Saturday. She had dropped 13 seconds off of her breast stroke time. She is finally starting to recognize the strength in her legs so he great upper body form is starting to pay off for her. He coach told her a few weeks ago that if she could get her legs working right she would be the fastest breaststroker on the team because she has excellent upper body form. She drills very well, and is really trying to do her best! Good Job Natasha.
Her current goal is to cut another 15 to 20 seconds off her time this weekend. YOU GO GIRL!

That same day Collin came home from the Scout Pow-Wow, excited because he completed all his merit badges, and now (and tuesday) qualified for the life scout badge. This means he is on track to get his Eagle before he turns 14 years old. My family knows that I am not the biggest fan of Scouting, but I have to say my Son has worked hard and enjoys his participation in the program. Good job Collin for accomplishing this goal.
Collin also has been awarded Student of the week at school. Now we have no clue what he did to earn this award, but we are so proud of how hard he tries in school. He has excellent relationships with his teachers, and other students. I think he is upset because a bully is picking on him right now, but he seems to be handling in appropriately. He always has in the past. So I don't doubt that he will continue to do the right thing. So once again, Good Job Collin!

Kendra is starting to count to 10 with us! Yeah Kendra

Abbie is starting to walk. Of course she is doing it the same time as trying to learn to stand, so she is killing to birds with one stone, so to speak. GO ABBIE.

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