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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Game idea's- Hand and Foot.

I have been trying to think of what I could blog about consistently the next couple of months besides my thoughts about gratitude and Christmas. I came up with an idea that is very much part of my family. We are game players, we enjoy all kinds of games, so I thought I would blog about some of our favorites and maybe this would give readers ideas for Christmas gifts.

I thought I would start with a card game that has become a cult classic in our family, and I mean not just Michael and I but our kids, my mother, my sisters, and my nephews. Part of this started years ago when Michael and I were looking for cards we could use to play pinochle without traditional face cards. We would pick up a couple of cute decks and combine them for the double pinochle deck. Then we were introduced to hand and foot and the collection of cards began to grow. Now I will explain the rules and you will see why the different decks of cards come in handy!

You need I deck of cards for each person, plus one extra deck. You shuffle all of these decks together. (this is why different decks make it easy to separate after the game is over.)

After they are shuffled the 1st person will try to take exactly 26 cards from the top of the deck, everyone will do this. Then separate the cards into two piles of 13 cards each. If you get exactly 26 cards, you get 100 points.

Then without looking at the two decks pick one to pass to your neighbor on the left. Now everyone will have two decks of 13 cards and you have to decide which deck you are going to start with, again without looking, this will be your hand. The other deck you set to the side and it will be your foot.

Play begins with the first person that picked up a stack of cards, (this is not set in stone, it is how we decided to do it.) That person draws 2 cards from the stack in the middle of the table. Looking at his foot the goal is to make sets of cards, and you need to have 50 points to be able to play. (I will explain the points farther down.) This sounds confusing but it really is easy to play.) You have to have at least three cards in a set to lay down, and these are sets of the same number not runs. (example, 3- 4's, not ace, king, queen.)

Point values are as follows,
3's- negative 50, bad, bad card, get rid of them
4 to 7 are 5 points
8 to kings 10 points
aces and 2 are 20 points
Jokers are 50 points

Jokers and 2's are wild card, they can be any number you want them to be.

When you have the points you need you can start to lay sets down in front of you on the table. The goal here is to make books, or sets of at least 7 cards. There are two types of books, black that has at least one wild, and red that are "clean" there are no wilds in them. Each black book is worth 300 points, and each red book is worth 500 points.

When you are done with your turn discard one card. If you are able to clear your hand without a discard you can pick up your foot and start right into it. If you clear your hand with a discard you have to wait until your next turn to play into your foot. The first person that has emptied both the hand and the foot, AND has at least ONE BLACK and ONE RED book wins.

The winner gets 100 points for winning the round.
Scoring goes as follows,
add up all your point, starting with books
then if you have cards not played (still either in your hand or hand and foot) subtract those points. We find it easiest to find card of the same value played and just pull them out. (example, a joker is 50 pts, take out 50 points of card on the table.)
Then separate your played cards into piles according to point value to make it easier to add, jokers together, aces and 2's together, 10 point cards together, and 5 points together.

There are 4 rounds to the game, each round the points needed to be able to play your sets increase,
first round- 50 pts
second round- 90 pts
third round- 120 pts
fourth round- 150 pts.

Try the game, print out the rules and have them by you and soon you will understand what is going all.

The discard pile maybe used as 1 of the draw cards when it is your turn, but ONLY if you Can play that card right then. To be able to play it you must have two cards in your had to go with it, (example a 10 is on the discard pile, if you have 2 10's or a 10 and a wild card you may use it but you have to either have played sets already or be able to have enough points to play the set right then. If you don't have enough points in your hand, you can not play the card.)

I know there is a penalty if you draw to many cards or misplay, but we usually don't do it so don't ask me what it is. :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

One more note, on black books, there must never be more wild cards than number cards.

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