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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Game Idea- Ziltch!

All you need for this game is 5 dice and a piece of paper and someone good with Math. :)

Here is how it works. You roll a die to see who starts. The first person rolls his dice. If he has at least one 5 or one 1 he can continue to roll. Here is how you score.

each 5 = 50 pts
each 1 = 100 pts
IF you roll 3 of a number you multiply that number X 100, so three 6's= 600pts, three 5= 500 etc., each additional number adds another 100 points to the total.
Straights are worth 1000 pts
You save the points you have and as long as you roll a five or a 1 you can keep going. You can say stop anytime and you keep the points you have accumulated. If you don't roll a 1 or a 5, you ziltch and you loose all the points you have earned in that round.
If you accrue points with all five dice you must roll again, so a straight you have to roll. If you have 2 1's, 3, 5s, you need to roll again. Does that make sense?
Again you have to roll the 3 of a kind and the straight in one roll. This is not like Yatzee where you can keep rolling to get the straight or a 3 of a kind. Example, the first roll you have one 1 and two 5's, and two 6's. You can keep the 1 and two 5's, but you can not keep the 6's. You can either stop or continue, if you roll and you get one more 5, that does not equal 500 pts for the 5's, only 150 points.

The one other rule is that you need 350 pts to be able to keep and start scoring, we call that going on the board. After that, you can keep anything you want.

The winner is the first to reach 5,000!

IT is a fun, and easy game to play.

Thanks to Matt for sharing it with us a few years ago.

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