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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Game Idea- Visualeyes

Visualeyes is another great party game, but we enjoy it as a family with just the four of us playing.
There are 19 dice in the game. When you get the game you have to place stickers on each dice in the exact order on the pages, or it can mess the game up, so it is best if one person is in charge of that to keep it in control.
The play is by shaking the dice and exposing them so all players can see the dice. One dice will state Fast or Slow play, the other dice show various pictures. The goal is the make commonly used phrases out of two of the dice. In fast play, you call out the word and if everyone agrees you get that pair, the round is over when all the dice are used in some kind of combination, and you score by the phrase. In slow play, players are timed for 2 minutes and you write down the combinations that you see, and you are scored for each phrase you get that no one else has written down.

At first the play of this game can be intimidating but it gets easier as you get the hang of what you are doing. When we play with our teenagers my husband and I are often amazed at what they see. We are probably a bit lenient with our phrases, but the rules are a bit vague on what actually counts, it just says it has to be a commonly used phrase, and the other players have to agree with what you come up with.

All in all I think it is a great game, perhaps not as fun as Apple to Apples, but it has its own charm.

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