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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Game Idea- Skip Bo

Today's game is Skip-Bo, also by the makers of Uno. I first played this game when my brother introduced it to the family after he had played it with some friends. I think to date the funnest New Years day, was sitting on the family room floor playing round after round of skip-Bo and watching football games with my brother, my sisters, and my mother. We had so much fun that day! As far as I am concerned it is the only way to stand watching all those Bowl games is to be playing games, if I can't be doing that I would just as soon read a book! :)

Now to the game itself. Again the play is fairly simple. Each player is dealt a number of cards (depends on the number of people playing), and this deck is placed face down to the left. Then the main deck is placed in the middle. There are imaginary deck placements around that main deck at the 4 quarters and 4 placements beside each players deck. The goal is to get rid of all the cards in the deck. The first person draws 5 cards and the play begins, the top card is showing on each persons deck. Around the main deck the play starts with the number one building up to 12 in consecutive order. Again there are 4 places to play. At the end of the players turn and if he can't play he discards one to the right of his deck. There are 4 discard places. You can discard the cards on top of another you just have to play the top card before you can play the bottom card so discard carefully. The play continues until the first person clears his deck. This game plays very well with teams, it is my favorite way to play particularly with 6 players. It is another good game with teaching children how to count and to think logically.

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