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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

game idea-Scotland Yard

Scotland yard was introduced to me by my in-laws. After several years of looking for it the game was reissued just a few years ago and we bought it for our son for his birthday.
The game is a challenge of hide and go seek, with 5 detectives looking to capture a criminal by the name of Mr. X. The board is a map of London, with various numbers listed around it. Each number is labeled by color and you can get there by taxi, bus, or the underground. Mr. X also has tickets that will allow him to use the river as a route of escape. The player that is Mr. X has to show himself every so often so the detectives can work together to capture him. There are 24 moves in the game, if Mr. X makes it to the 24 space he wins the game, if he is captured before then the person that actually does the capture wins, but it is a team effort to do it. This game teaches logic, the ability to work as a team, and number recognition. We found that with this new version that there are not badges issues for the detectives. Normally that would not be a problem but if you are playing with fewer that 6 players at least one person will play 2 detectives and it can be confusing to keep the taxi, bus and underground tickets separated between the players. I would suggest to tear up some squares of paper to keep with the game and some how mark them with the colors of the players to help in distinguishing which pile of tickets belong to which game piece. That is the only complaint I have with this issue of the game. It provides a visor for the person that is Mr. X so his eyes can be hidden and also to cover up his writing down each move he makes in the travel log. Take it from me, my husband is good at watching for clues to figure out where Mr. X is, so that player needs the extra ability to look without worrying about someone noticing his eye movements. Over all we enjoy this game. Everyone likes to play Mr. X, and being a detective has its own set of fun. If you have boys this is a good game for them! The ages says 10 and up but I think a 9 year old could have fun with it when played with a family.

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