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Thursday, November 02, 2006

game idea- Five Crowns

The caption on Five Crowns reads, the game is not over until the kings go wild. Next to Hand and Foot this game is our next favorite card game in our house of games. This is great learning game for children learning to count and to do some basic math.
The cards consist of 5 suits, Hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades, and stars, with numbers ranging from 3 to kings and jokers. You start by dealing 3 cards to each player, every round you increase the cards dealt by 1, until the last round with 13 cards. The jokers and the number the is equal to the number of cards dealt are wild, for example the first round 3's will be wild. The goal is to form either runs, cards in consecutive order of the same suit, or runs, cards of the same number with different suits. When you have enough to play your cards down you play them. You have to play all the cards in your hand at the same time. This is different from hand and foot, where you can play them as you fill the sets. After the first person lays down their cards everyone else has one turn to play what they can. If they have cards that fit into runs or sets they can play those and any remaining cards are counted as points. There is a discard pile and a draw pile, Each turn you must draw one and discard, that is important that when you lay your cards down, you must discard! The rules are in the game. It is easy to play, and a good crowd of people can join in. The link I put up above is for amazon that has a high shipping charge unless you are ordering lots of things. From a review I found there someone found a less expensive place to order, personally I would check any specialty game store. I have seen them here in Utah at Games people play, and also at The Red Balloon Stores. I'm sure you should be able to find it easily with a few well placed phone calls in your neck of the woods.

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