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Monday, November 06, 2006

Game Idea- Apples to Apples

This one is just for Brynn! Of course Apples to Apples would have to be on my list of games that are a must have. For a group party this is the game for huge fun. You have an Apple crate that has two decks of cards, red apple cards and green apple cards. The red deck is the smallest deck and are the adjectives, the green deck is full of nouns. Each players is dealt 7 cards and the judge(one player starts out), he draws a red apple card, and everyone else has to play a green card that they think the judge will pick that mostly closely matches the red card. This game can be full of lobbying, and laughter.
You can play it by being crab apples, playing it the opposite, or you can change and deal out the red deck and match to the green deck. Each person gets a chance to be the judge. The winner is the person that has the most cards they played picked. We did discover that we had been playing wrong by not redealing after every play so every player has 7 cards each play. Each player also gets chances to be the judge. If you don't have this game, it really is one of the must have games in anybody's collection.

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