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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Only in Utah can you drive to a church, find out it is the wrong chapel, but switch two letters in the address and find the right building. That is what happened to us when we went to a niece's baptism yesterday. We were given the wrong address and were informed at that chapel that the stake center was at a different building. :)

Today we had a combined RS meeting, (every lady in the ward attended the meeting as arrangements were made for those in callings outside of RS.) This meeting was about Visiting Teaching. As usual I come away with the same ambivalence that I have always had about this program. I know its worth, I understand it, but somehow my heart aches that I have never really felt it work for me with my VT. I have tried to be a better visiting teacher in the past and I would like to think I have grown a bit, but I know that I am sadly lacking in my roll as a VT. Right now I am not one, which has been okay, I don't particularly miss it, although I miss visiting with some wonderful ladies I have come to love dearly. I suppose what comes down to it, is I need to be the kind of VT I wish I had. That is not to put down the ladies that come and have come in the past, they are all sweet wonderful women, I just have never seen the kind of care that I need. I have found that when someone is released as my VT, they very rarely talk to me again. It makes me wonder am I like that? Something to ponder I suppose. Do the best I can and trust that God will somehow take care of my needs.

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