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Thursday, October 12, 2006

If you are fed up with high gas prices, take the twinkie pledge!

No this is not a pledge to eat twinkies. Now that is out of the way, what is the twinkie pledge anyway?

Doug Wright has started a boycott of all gas stations and what every products they sell tomorrow October 13th. Now this is not meant to hurt anyone if you need to fill up with gasoline do it tonight, or wait until Saturday. Do not go in and buy and convenience food out of the station. Just don't go there. Avoid them no matter what tomorrow. Let the gas companies and station owners know that the people in Utah are tired of having gas prices that are much higher than the national average when that is not the typical case around here. Just a few weeks ago we were among the lowest in the country and today we are still among some of the highest in the country. I am taking the pledge, I will not be frequenting any gas station tomorrow. How about you? Are you in? Will you join those of us that are willing to let others know how we feel by our pocket books this one day?

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