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Friday, October 13, 2006

I have to rant about this.

Someone I know was convicted of a sex crime. I am appalled at the things he is saying to get out of it. I know his ex-wife. She is a sweet, kind, compassionate, spiritual woman. His excuses are deplorable. I am angry at a defense attorney who is not acting as an advocate, but trying to get this man off of his crimes. I am angry that they are not trying to get him the help he needs. With a husband that works in this field, I want to climb a tree and just scream. I feel sorry for my friend and all she is going through at this time. He has turned his back, not just on her, but the teachings of the gospel. He has turned his back on his little daughters. What are they going to think when they get older and realize what his excuses really mean. Come on man, stick to the truth and get some help. Quit torturing everyone that you have hurt, from the victims, their families, and your own ex-wife and children.

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