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Monday, October 09, 2006

Herman Street

Thanks to the movie show we have found a new fun place to buy movies. There is nothing out there like it! At the University Mall close to See's Candy, is this great store called Herman street, all it carries are DVD's and you are pretty much able to find anything you might be looking for. We went today and found 3 movies we have wanted for years, and some they didn't have in stock but if we keep watching they will come in. You can also special order if they are not in. I am getting a music CD that way! Talk about being in movie heaven. The movies are catagorized by year, by actors, and a disney section by year. That way if you are looking for a movie with a certain actor you can go there, or if it was published in a certain year you can find it there. If you live somewhere close and worth the travel, check it out.

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