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Friday, October 20, 2006

An experience with explosive rage today.

My husbands parents have come to visit for the weekend. Shortly after they arrived I took them in to Orem to get some books to give to my MIL for a belated birthday present. As I was getting the little ones out of the car a man talking on a cell phone walked around his car like he thought we hit his vehicle. (Mind you it was nothing to look at!) I thought it was odd because I knew my mother in law did not bang his car with her door, she has a fairly new car and is very aware and careful with what she does, and the van door opens by sliding. As we walked into the store he was sitting in his car still talking on the phone. We spent 5 to 10 minutes in the store and when we walked out he was still there talking. I unlocked the van, my FIL put Abbie in her car seat as I put Kendra in hers and my MIL got into the passenger side seat. As soon as I backed out to check Abbie's belt placement he all of a sudden banged his door into my van door right by my leg, and I mean banged it hard. BOOM BOOM yelling that it may be excusable to hit a car once but not twice, as he bangs the door twice into my van. I was absolutely stunned because I know we did not hit his car at all. He was so angry, that he could not even get his car started. I wrote down his license in case he had caused some damage to our van. I could not spot any, but I could not believe that he would sit in his car to wait to attack me. Not only that but then do it with his own car. It is really hard to not wish some kind of damage to his door. I know that if I did not have a bumper on the van door there would have been a dent. That is how hard he hit it.
I delt with it okay until I came home and then told Michael about it, then I wanted to break down and cry.

The only thing I could come up with is the sound of the van door opening would sound like a bang if he was talking on the phone. Otherwise I have no clue where he got the idea that we slammed our door into his. My MIL said she did touch it when she opened the door, but she opened it very softly because she is very careful with it.

It is Strange, Strange, Strange what human behavior can do when provoked and even unprovoked.

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