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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The peace of Conference

Sometime in the middle of July, I was presented with an opportunity to attend the RS women’s general conference at the Conference Center. I asked my mother to join me and she readily agreed to the outing. At the time, I did not know how much it would mean to her to go. We left my house about 3:00 or so yesterday afternoon and drove to the trax station near the South Town Mall in Sandy. We arrived in SLC and slowly meandered to the Conference center. We walked through the main street plaza and the beauty and peace of the walkway awed our hearts. It had been many years since I had gone there, and that was usually in the winter. As always, the church has designed something of beauty and peace.

When we got to the Conference Center, we walked and walked and walked. I think that comes from a primary song does it not? Our entrance was all the way on the other side of the building. Then once we got in side it was walking more to our left, and we found we were sitting on the far left side of the terrace level. It was so nice to be there early, to get a good seat and to be able to visit some more with my Mom. She told me she always wanted to attend something in that magnificent building and never thought she would be able to do so. I am so glad that I followed the prompting to ask her to go with me.

I enjoyed the talks very much. I loved the emphasis of feeling the love of God and his arms around us. Often in blessings, my husband mentions the fact that God wants to give me a hug. What a lovely thing to ponder and consider, his love for us, and his out reaching hands.

I was also impressed my President Hinckley’s strong statement about women and their role and that the priesthood is held by the men. That our roles are something else, just as important, and by no means are we considered less by God because of that. I have believed that all my life and I continue to believe the word of the Prophet in this matter.

It was a wonderful session, and I felt much love and joy in my heart. I think that is the first in a very long time I have felt that spirit of joy and gratitude. I could relate to the comment of needing to remember those times of love and peace in my life. They truly have been an anchor the past several months in my struggles of self-doubt.

I must remember to somehow each day, to remember to feel the love of God in my life!

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