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Friday, September 15, 2006

My heart aches today

My heart aches, I can't even say it is PPD at this time. I have had a few pretty good days where I have felt fairly happy and joyful. Today I wonder why I am struggling to get my family spiritually ready. A while ago I had a promting that I need to prepare my family for something that is coming, and I feel I have failed miserably in that effort. Much of it is my own lack of just saying it is time to read scriptures, it is time for family prayer, no matter who is around. The fault lies with the fact that I am not a morning person so trying to get up to do this before Michael and Tashy leave for morning workouts is so hard on me. Then he isn't home in the evening two or three times a week, so there we go. I need to step up and take some more parental initiative and get us back to where we were not too long ago. It has dropped of with the birth of these two little ones, and our spiritual well being as a family can not be last on the list. I see the signs of this failing in the little things around me, from my state of being, to how we treat each other and our own escapes to other entertainment. I have no clue in how to get my own heart into this task when my own spiritual wellbeing has been taking a back seat for the past 18 months. I have a hard time trusting my own ability to lead and guide this family to our goals. I have to even wonder do we know what our goals are. I know this failing is my own attitude and I need to adjust it somehow. That is what really brings the family together.

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