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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"How was my week?", Téa asked .

For the most part doing no TV week is pretty easy for me. Even though I do watch alot of it in the evenings I don't have it on much of the day. That is why I choose to limit my internet usage as well. It was hard on me in other ways. Kendra is to the point I can put on some small tapes that we have of sing-a-long songs that she enjoys and with Abbie in the play pen I can manage a shower. I couldn't do that so feeling clean last week was shall we say, a bit difficult at times. Otherwise I stated to do the new on-line extraction program and after a few glitches I was able to get one and 1/2 batches extracted. That was most of the week. I did some reading and playing with the girls mostly. It is a good experience and the older kids are very good about it also.

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