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Saturday, September 23, 2006

City building games

I have to admit that I am a city building game junkie! I don't know whether to blame a couple of BILs or my sister Noelie, maybe they all get to share in it some what.

I was first introduced to a game called civilization by my BIL several years ago. By the time Civ III was out, I was hooked. I don't think it technically qualifies as a city building game, it is more correctly a civilization building game. You pick a nationality and then you slowly build a kingdom of cities through time. You micromanage each city, in adding different structures and military to advance to new levels. The goals are either to take over the world, or be the first to fly to Alpha centari to set up a new civilization there. I personally have never taken over the world, usually I end up in space first, but I have seen one of my BILs do it. I don't think he started out on that path, but he was doing so well it just seemed to happen. I really was hooked on the game for the longest time.

Then Noelie, knowing my interest in Civilization introduced me to Caesar II. It was my first true city building game. It was interesting to be able to plot your own city, and make it run. The thing that was most annoying was to hear "Plebs are needed" every time you did something. I wasn't very interested in the military aspect of the game and it was not too long after this that Caesar III came out. Noelie was playing the demo on her computer and I think she even had the game and I started it at her house. I eventually bought the game and played it some what. On the computer I had at the time it was very slow, so it took me a long time to get through the more difficult senarios. I loved the graphics, they added walkers that you could see move around. It was challenging and interesting at the same time. Best of all no more "plebes are needed" every time you turned around!

Noelie of course heard about pharaoh and told me about that one. Now I didn't play it as much as I would like because that old computer made it really slow. To run it at a 100% speed was like 30% or less on this computer, it would take days to complete a senario. YUCK. I would turn it on and just let it run while I was working around the house or getting ready for work.

Eventually I got a different computer and it ran so much better. I got the expansion for it Cleopatra and away I went. I still haven't finished it because of course, new computer! I loved the monument building aspect of it. IT was so fun to see the pyramids go up, and you would get blessings from the egyptian gods as you paid homage to them. It was a great way to get the monuments done! Again wonderful graphics and new crops, industries to build, it made for an interesting twist to the Caesar set.

Then came Zeus and the expansion for it, Posiedon, I had lots of fun with this one. As you paid homage to the greek gods, they would appear and walk around the city blessing their favorite parts. You could have unhappy ones that could create havoc for you, and of course heros to help in your goals. They made building houses easier. That was a problem in Caesar and pharaoh, if you weren't technical like me, you could get an uneven housling block that wouldn't evolve into higher level homes. That was fixed, now the house you placed would have the space it would need to grow. They also created a special house for elite housing so you wouldn't be able to mix them up. They also made it so you would not have to have houses right by the industries to work. In the other games it was frustrating because you always had low level housing that could cause problems just to keep things working. Now as long as there is road access and the occasional need for a bridge or ferry, your industries had access to the labor pool! Yeah. This game was very fun, with different games to play, you didn't need to go through every thing to advance you could play what you wanted. It also had a tool to create your own games if you so desired. The expansion is what added that tool, and new characters to the mix.

Lately I have been playing Emperor, I have had fun with it but perhaps not as much as pharaoh or Zeus. Still it has some of the best parts of both pharaoh and Zeus combined, from monuments to how the game its self is played.
The chinese civilization is fun to explore with the different nuances in the differences in the game. It has been fairly easy to pass each level. The one complaint I have is if you want to replay a level you better have it saved if you have passed it. That is the only way to go back to it. You can't just pick and individual city to play. (I don't' think, maybe it is somewhere other than historical campains, I haven't checked that out completely yet.)

Now I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Caesar IV to come. I hope they have made it as fun to play as Zeus, and I would love to see and expansion pack for it. That was the fun with pharaoh and Zeus. I am thinking I might post my experiences playing the game when I get it. We shall see.

Everyone have a good day, I am off to the RS broadcast this afternoon. I actually have tickets to go the conference center. I have been looking forward to this since July.

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