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Monday, August 14, 2006

What does Hollywood really care about? Mel Gibson or Israel?

Noelie got me thinking the other day with this article. As I was sitting down to write this post she has this one posted yesterday on what is a Nazi?

She of course has many post
s in between overall conflict in the Middle East.

My pondering is this, how can the Jews in Hollywood be so upset of the anti-Semitic speech of Mel Gibson, but not over the truly anti-Semitic speech and actions of groups like Al-Qaeda or Hezbullah? Why are they so apt to blame Israel for defending their country from the acts of terrorism and yet want to black ball an actor for something he said? (No I am not defending his choice of words, I just find it ironic is all.)

I suppose if they did then it would lead some credence to our countries own actions to fight terrorism in the Middle East. It is so hard for them to accept the real enemies to their existence are countries like Iran and Syria, not individuals like a drunk actor that they already despise.

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