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Thursday, August 10, 2006

O Divine Redeemer Help!!!!!!!!

I'm am playing my clarinet on Sunday, I need help!!!!!!!!!!

I will performing "O Divine Redeemer" and I'm having trouble with interpretation. I know, this not an area that usually stumps me, but it is. Normally this is not my favorite work, but it is an excellent clarinet arrangement and those are hard to come by. Can anyone give me tips on how to "feel" this properly. IT is driving me crazy that I'm not feeling the interpretation when that is usually what I'm good at. I can't decide if it is the antidepressants, my antipathy for this work, or just that I'm way out of practice. Yes I am listening to the tab Choir arrangement and I'm practicing with it. Please any word of advice will be listened to and thought about.

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