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Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Express lanes, rant

Okay, I have to say I loved the carpool lanes the way they were before. It was nice to be able to jump right in and stay or move out of some ones way when they would roar my vehicles tail pipe! Now I have to stay in the lane and can't move. Today I was driving in it and a good clip and I can't believe how many people would tail gate and then break the law by jumping the double lines. I know I should not feel responsible if others feel they have to break the law, but it is frustrating to not be able to move the way we used to be able to move. I don't want to be slowed down in other traffic, but this new way seems to be so dangerous at times. That or as typical drivers do not care about the law. The officials say there are more highway patrol out there but I have yet to see it in Utah county. Where are those new officers to enforce the change?

For those of you that don't know what happened, the carpool lane has been changed to an express lane. You can only move in and out of it when you see the dotted lines. This means you need to know when those lines occur to move out for your exit, they are only available for every other one. So if your exit is two away and in a traffic jam you get to be stuck in traffic for more time than you would be before. Also single drivers may now purchase a pass that will allow them to drive in that lane. So there is my rant. Maybe in time I will get used to it, but for now the jury is still out.

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