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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Michael and the wasps

Saturday, my husband was in our backyard getting ready to do some dutch oven cooking. As he was waiting for the coals to get hot he was playing with Abbie and Kendra by the swing set, when he was attacked by wasps. He started to swat at them and move the girls safely out of the way he was stung four times, twice on one hand, and twice on the other forearm. I loaded him up with benedryl and Ibuprofen. I tried to convince him to ice the spots and that we should skip the dutch oven for dinner and just get a pizza. He wouldn't go for it. Sunday both spots were a bit more swollen, so we kept dosing him with the medication, I hoped that it would start to show improvement. Monday morning his arm was much worse with the swelling heading up to the elbow so I told him to call the doctor ASAP, and get in to be seen. He was put on some various medicines including an antibiotic, today he his much better. Now we get the fun of watching him for severe reactions in the future. As my SIL pointed out it was a miracle the neither of the little ones were stung when you think how close the stings were to each of them. I think we were very blessed.

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