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Sunday, August 27, 2006

daiper rash remidy

How many of you out there get frustrated with diaper rash creams, whether it be desitin, balmex, or the prescription nystatin for yeast. I know I have been for years. As a nurse I was taught that desitin is only good as a preventative, once there is a rash, don't use it, it creates a barrier that will not let air in and can actually make the rash worse. Nystatin seemed to take forever to cure a yeast rash. Well I have the home remedy for you and yes I have used it on all my children and I have never used anything better.
This is what you need.
1. Milk of Magnesia, maalox, or mylanta. (be sure to use an original formula, I have tried the new ones they do not work.)

2. A hair dryer.

After you have cleaned the area, apply a layer of the MOM over the rash. Make sure it covers the area completely.
Then with the blow dryer on the lowest cold setting blow the treatment dry. This does a couple of things. The MOM helps keep the pH balance of the skin normalized. The blow dryer when used 4 times a day for 5 minutes each is equal to 24 hours of exposing the area to air. I have found with the worst rash, (I believe it was a yeast rash that covered the entire bottom), was healed in a week. The mildest rash took only a day to heal. I would do this treatment at least 4 times a day, or with every messy diaper. It has saved me many trips to the doctor and my children hours of discomfort. It is worth it!

Note if you see white spots in the babies mouth take the child in to check for thrush.

Thanks to Noelie who gave me the tip years ago!

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