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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Lake House

Michael and I went to see the Lake House last weekend. It is a movie I have wanted to see for a few weeks, and we enjoyed it very much. It is most definitely a chick flick, so I guess that will scare off most men.:) Luckily I have a husband that enjoys them with me. If you enjoy stories that deal with time warps, problems, etc., this is one of those sorts of movies. It has some bad language in it, so beware of that.

I do find the ending, although sweet and moving, somewhat confusing. There again it has to do with time situation and what would happen if history is changed. Perhaps we can discuss that sometime, but I would hate to be a spoiler for it. Over all I give it about 3 stars out of 4. Not the best movie I have ever seen, but one I wouldn't mind buying. It is nice to be able to see a movie that is PG for a change.

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