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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Debt Diet

I was watching Oprah the past few days. Granted it was on and off so I really did not see as much as I would have liked. What amazed me are the things that people would do. Eat out every meal, every day of the week?Shopping every day? I would ask who has that kind of money? (Oprah maybe!!!!!!!!) The answer is obviously that the people on the show did not.

Now dont get me wrong, we have plenty of debt beside our house and our van, but we have really tried to keep it down. In fact I feel guilty when ever we do charge something. We just bought a new fridge and a newly wanted replacement for our dishwasher. That was hard, (okay not so hard), but we are working to pay it off in the year so that we dont get charged the interest.

I have to say, no wonder America is in trouble if these 3 couples are close to average Americans. I know I have seen too many neighbors foreclose on their homes because the debt was too large.

I have tried to get our debt under control for along time. I suppose now is the time to get off this emotional down I have been in, quit looking for ways to be happy, and do what works. I can play with my children, read my books, play my clarinet and piano, and work out again. I need to stop grocery shopping, and buying little extra things because I want it, not because I need it. Time to reevaluate my priorities, and I need to remember that my husband works hard for every dollar that comes into the home and treat it with that reverence of respect for his efforts.

Now is the time to mention that he got a promotion and work, and finally is getting some of the recognition for his talents and capabilities in his chosen career. He has tried for something like this at his last 2 jobs, and was always passed over for someone not in the company at the time. In one year he started with a lower salary than his last job and now we are blessed to know he will be making more than that. Now he can start to cut down his hours at his part time job.

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